Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Evernight Report is here!

Today marks the first article of The Evernight Report. Here you can find current server-wide news for Lord of the Rings Online's best server! You will also find hints and tips with upcoming articles, player-spotlights and local events... so stay tuned!

Last week we saw the release of Update 15: Gondor Aflame. With this, the Beorning class clawed its way onto our screens, offering a new character dynamic to the 7 year old game. Of course, the Beorning puns quickly became unbearable. It has proved to be an enjoyable, if not slightly overpowered, class.

Today I had the chance to interview Soluman the Beorning - recently turned level 85 within one week of Update 15 being released. Unbearlievable!

Hi Soluman! Thank you for meeting with me. What do you think of the new Beorning class?

I do enjoy this class very much, it's very strong and can survive a lot of mobs.

What about damage? Which tactic would you recommend we use to progress on the Beorning?

It kills super fast in bear form in the Red tree trait line. I just build up wrath from a trash mob, then go to bear form and kill even elite monsters in seconds.

That really is quite impressive. There have been mutterings that this class is overpowered. Do you feel it is? Or would Goldilocks say it was "just about right"?

Just about right in my opinion. It will be interesting to see them at level 100 with the best gear!

That's reassuring to know! I think there would be complaints if a primary damage class, like the Hunter, was being over-shone by a new kid on the block.

Compared to Hunters, I believe we do a little bit less damage. I was levelling with an even levelled Hunter yesterday and he killed much faster when I was not in bear form. But in bear form I could finish a mob a bit faster.

Oh really? Maybe that's why there are rumours of being overpowered!

Nah, not too overpowered. Bear is "OP", but not really, because it costs a lot of wrath, and that takes time to build and decreases very, very fast.

I suppose that levels things out a bit. Talking of higher level game content now... I can't imagine Beornings riding a horse in Mounted Combat. A circus bear riding around the ring comes to mind... What is the class like when attacking from a horse?

Mounted combat is heaps of fun, but not when trying to be fast... it's a bit slow.

With time let's hope the developers speed things up a bit!

Exactly, for example: Hunters and Wardens get an out of combat run buff. I don't see why Beornings shouldn't get the same.

Slow levelling is surely a thorn in the paw. Are there any other issues with the class that you have found?

Hmm... the gear I've seen so far has all been identical design copies from Warden... The Moria set for example.

Has that been a good thing or annoying?

Kinda annoyed about that, I hope there is some unique ones further on. Also the Moria teal set has no set bonuses of anything so it's not worth getting at all. The cheapest one is best at the moment.

Yes I saw the Beorning Hytbold set. Some room for improvement I think!

I'm thinking they rushed the class a little bit, could of done some more stuff. But I've yet to see level 100 so, hey!

Indeed! Off to level 100 with you! Thanks for the chat Soluman, enjoy the end game content on your Beorning!

Thanks, I will! For the moment it's my new favourite class.

If you would like to be interviewed on any aspect of Lord of the Rings Online, send an in game mail to Hannihr, or comment below on this article. See you in game, folks!

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