Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Lion King in LOTRO

"Naaaaants ingonyaaamaaa bagithi Baaabaaaa!"

Sunday, 28 June 2015

MILESTONE - Five Thousand!

5,000 page views! Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to read my little blog! Since returning to blogging we're getting 300 hits every day! How awesome is that?

So please, pass this blog on! Share it to your kinship, to your friends on facebook, recommend it in game! Soon we will be getting 1,000 hits a day!

In July we have a whole world full of new items on their way! From Green Screens to PVP! Keep your eyes, like your potatoes, peeled!

Kinships: The Art of Advertising

Advertising your kinship is an art form. And, like Art, there are beautiful ads and there are ugly ads. This little post will teach you how to avoid the latter and keep your kinship at the top of its advertising game. This post is part of the recruitment guide of a previous post.

Step One:

Consider who you want in your kin. Never write an advert in a channel that offers a place for just anyone - otherwise, what's the point in having a kinship? You'll have nothing in common! Here's an example of a bad ad:

"The Potato Peelers are recruiting all levels and races. Send a /tell to Illiullisius!"

Not only did that tell you nothing about the kinship, but also some new players aren't aware of copying and pasting names. Try writing out that player's name correctly first time! It is always better to ask them to contact yourself, than direct them to someone else.

Advertise to a type (or types) when writing in a channel:

-Hardcore Raiding
-Young players
-Race (Hobbits, Elves etc) only

Step Two:

Give your audience a taste of what you are about. You've stated your type, now give them the personality of your kinship. Are you serious? Well-humoured?

Here's an example which includes a combination of types, as well as a little humour to entice an audience:
"The Carrot Cutters would consider themselves an elite, hardcore community for carrot lovers. In between munching on some of the Shire's tastiest root vegetable, we offer weekly raiding and horse racing. Send a /tell to myself to join!"

Step Three: 

Know your audience! Here's a guide to help you find your future kinnies, both in OOC and /tells*:

Thorin's Hall/Ered Luin/The Shire/Combe/Staddle

Great if you want to recruit new players who will be loyal to the kinship. You're more likely to spend your time helping others as a result, but the best kins start with people who are new to the game.

Bree-Land, Bree Town and World Chat

You will find a combination of high levels and new players here - Bree is the Server's stage. You will see travellers from all over the server here. Great for advertising your kin to get the word out. Not good for specifics though!

World Chat is for anyone. New players will have this channel by default, but may not know how to respond to your adverts. Older players may have switched off this channel because of the constant conversation. The World chat is therefore not shown to everyone.

The Ettenmoors

This goes without saying: if you want PVPers in a PVP kin, go to the PVP zone.


*Hardcore players are typically doing something... hardcore, and may not be watching the OOC channel. If your kin is for hardcore players, word of mouth and asking those players directly will be of great help.

Step Four:

Be patient. Do not throw adverts out every few minutes - that is the easiest way to get /ignored. Simply send it out every hour at the most, and watch what people have said. If someone says "please stop" - take that as a guide that it's going on too long, or people are getting annoyed.

Step Five:

Speak to players you see running around without kin names over their heads. Call them by their name and ask them if they'd like to hear a little about your kinship before throwing stats and info their way. Politeness will take you far.

And that's it! Enough to get you going to make your kinship known. If you've come across some great recruiting ideas, comment below!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Green Screen!

I am sure you are all delighted to know I have now invested in a green screen! It's used in CGI to allow images or film to feature behind something else.

Weather reports use them to tell us how rainy the UK is this week, and Peter Jackson uses them to not have to hire extra actors and instead copy and paste existing ones.

I will now be hiring green goblin people to help me film my work.

So, guess what Hannihr is doing this week? (other than twiddling my thumbs and drinking five cups of tea per day hour)... I am creating green screen videos! That's right, you will see real-life-version Hannihr alongside embedded-in-LOTRO-and-can't-get-out Hannihr! Side by side, we will be fighting the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Is this real life Hannihr or virtual Hannihr? No one can tell, right?
So, here's where you guys come in - people of Evernight: which videos should I do first?

Shall I dress up as an Orc and fight some freeps in the Ettenmoors?
Should I go on a horse race?
Jump on the roof tops of Bree?

Give me your ideas, and I shall get to it!

See you in game

~ H x

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Buy your own Bilbo Baggins' Buttons!

Rumour has it these buttons were found in Goblin Town, and have been kept in the safe hands by no other than Mr Bilbo Baggins! Apparently they are very "precious".

Bilbo has kindly asked me to return them to members of "Evernight". Here you can see him modelling one for us. 

He then he mumbled a little poem before returning to his Hobbit Hole. It went a little like this:

Through Evernight he back was borne
on black and roaring waves that ran
o'er leagues unlit and foundered shores
that drowned before the Days began

I'm not sure what he was Tolkien about. Anyway - these badges are being released next week - to be worn proudly when playing Lord of the Rings Online while gallivanting around on the Evernight Server!

It's some kind of Klingon?

A Hobbit's Food Diary

This transcription is from a page found torn out of a Hobbit's diary. The page was squeezed into a paper ball and found between the branches of the Party Tree. There seems to be some food stains over some of the words. This is the best I could make out:


Two Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Just two! Farmer Ham's chickens have been under the weather as of late. My poor tummy is suffering more, I say! Then a cup of tea (Greenleaf with honey) and some toast. I am feeling a tad sour. Note to self: must find glasses.

Elevensies of the clock

I have been chasing a chicken around old Ham's garden now for twenty minutes. I know an egg is about to pop out! I can feel it in my bones. Just one more egg, and maybe a toast soldier to dunk into the yolk. Hmm. Talking of Ham... a slice or three would be most welcome, thank you very much! Damn that hen!


I feel faint. I have had eight muffins just to make myself feel better. The third Egg Benedict of the day will have to wait. I can feel my ribs - I should soon be quite weak! After all, a Gentle-Hobbit such as myself should be keeping his health. Not running after hens! What would the neighbours think? Not that I can see my neighbours. Damn.
Where are my glasses?

Half past Two

The strangest occurrence just... occurred! Goodness, I can't think of a proper sentence. My hands are shaking, can you tell? One of the Big Folk, a tall one - black cloaked and with a horse to match - knocked on my door asking for the Bag Inn. There ain't no Bag Inn 'round these parts, I told him, I did. He mumbled some curses, got on his horse and galloped off. Too right! Don't mess with a Hungry Hobbit! I shook my fist at him I did! (When he wasn't looking, that is) Back to chasing that hen.

Quarter to Three

Blast. Tripped into cow dung. I can hear Mrs Fairgrass laughing from here. Gah!


I give up. I am famished. Beaten. Contused. Vengeful! I shall retire home. Possibly find some morsel and catch up on my reading. Damn. Still need to find my glasses...

Quarter past dusk (I cannot see the clock)

Where are my glasses?

Exactly eighteen minutes past the seventh hour.

I have found my glasses. The world is much clearer. I can see the shapes of each leaf in the Party Tree, the designs in my wallpaper, the colours of the feathers on that Rooster -

That was the last of the writing on the page.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Competition Time!

"Gather here, weary traveller! Put your hairy feet up on a stool by the fire and sink into that armchair. You look a bit drained. You've been on the old East Road, eh? Here, have some cake and tea.

"That Hobbit lass yonder has a weekly quiz starting in moment or two. Why not join in? Oh, I don't know what it's about. Some kind of fantasy novel or the like. I never do too well on 'em. Seems a bit fanciful, if you follow!"

To enter this competition you will need the Hobbit and all three books of Lord of the Rings. A wider knowledge of the books is recommended. The winner is the person to comment below on this article with the highest total of correct answers to each question. Good luck!

PS: One of these questions has an incorrect answer on the Internet, and I will see if you used that answer instead of the one in the books. If you use that answer you will be sent to clean Smaug's teeth (and disqualified).

Questions so easy any son of a Took could work it out! Worth 1 point.
1) In the Hobbit, what is the answer to Gollum's riddle?

What has roots as nobody sees,
Is taller than trees,
Up, up it goes,
And yet never grows?

2) And this riddle?

A box without hinges, key, or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

3) What is the name of the Pony that is left behind before the Fellowship travel into Moria?

These questions are worth 2 points.
4) Who is being described in The Fellowship of the Ring?

"He was an honest man, and well-off as things were reckoned in Bree".

5) How many years were there between Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White from his point of view?

6) Who ended up looking after some of Bill Ferny's missing ponies?

These questions are worth 3 points.
7) "Damn the boy!" Who was Tolkien referring to when he said this?

8) Where did Tolkien get the name "Fili" from?

9) Why do Stoor Hobbits wear shoes?

This one is truly difficult. This is worth 4 points.
10) In the HarperCollinsPublisher's 2011 edition of The Hobbit, which page begins with a non-capitalised letter that should be capitalised?

The Hobbit lass has finished her quiz, takes out a bottle of whiskey, uncorks, downs the lot, and releases a small burp; much to the delight of the fellow quiz-goers.

"See yer all next week fer the *hic* quiz!"

Thursday, 25 June 2015

No Internet? No Problem.

I type this without an Internet connection.

Yes you read that correctly. I am currently writing on NotePad (I use Word on Google Drive - also on the Internet) to get this post ready to be eventually posted when the DAMN INTERNET COMES B- *breathes in* when Virgin Media kindly return what is mine *Gollum stare*.

I just wrote a little article and wanted to prepare some creative enthusiasm for Evernightians to enjoy. Eru would have it otherwise it seems. The Internet hasn't been down for me in months now. So I will blame one of two things:

1) Lazy engineers have spilled cold beer on the server (it is very hot today)
2) Hobbits.

I think we both know which one is likely the reason. 
So, to keep myself entertained I will be reading some Tolkien and taking time to think on a few questions I'd have liked to ask him. For example...

1) Lady Ents. Girly-trees. Fements (okay I now see why he didn't call them that... did they ferment when they died? horrible thought!). What happened to them? Was their purpose to serve as a mournful foundation for their male counterparts? What was the root of their fall? 'Scuse the pun.

2) Female Dwarfs. Specifically their beards. Do they have an ovarian issue? Or too much testosterone? Is their oestrogen supply being held back? What was the social convention when trying to flirt in a bar? Flip a coin? I'm a bit stumped for this one. 'Scuse the pun.

"Hey buddy, my eyes are up here".

3) Male Elves. See the same question but change wording slightly. They do have feminine qualities.

Feminine qualities... maybe not this one.

4) The Two Blue Wizards. According to Tolkien they dealt with matters abroad. I'd love to read about what they did in the East. There's so little said about them I can't even find a whimsical meme.

5) Half Orcs. Think about it.

In many ways I am glad that not all questions were answered. The infamous "but the Hobbits and the Eagles to Mordor..." question was answered by Tolkien (with eye-rolling distain, I might add). I don't want to pick at his logic behind the stories. I'm interested in the minor details.

What questions would you pose to Tolkien if you'd had the chance?

My Dear Evernighters

It has been months since my last post. I had stopped playing Lord of the Rings Online to focus more on my work. I was struggling to do everything at once (from learning the saxophone, going to the gym, work, learn German and keep a social life) all at the same time.

I am now back, and have set aside a time to play LOTRO as often as possible. I realised earlier this morning how much I missed the game. I missed the Holly trees in Eregion, Enedwaith's sky at night, the call of the sea gulls by the bay of Belfalas. I missed the purple setting sun in Celondim and the innocence of the Shire.

But most of all I missed the players. I missed the childish banter of the Ettenmoors, the tifs on World chat, the audacious prices of the Auction House. I missed my friends who I'd neglected through not returning. The game is what it is because of its players. Evernight is the loveliest community of players I have ever known, and am grateful that my partner chose this server for us to play on because the name "sounds pretty". And it is. It's a lovely little server.

I have just had a chat with Raebidus (Lore Master of Evernight) and was hit with this news:

[19:06] Raebidus: You inspired me to write a blog about lotro :)

Which took my breath away. It's wonderful to see creativity breed creativity. (Pssht, here's his blog)

So in the nuttiest of nutshells, here's what I am doing now:

I have left my office job and am now self employed as a Graphic Designer. This means I am able to work when I like, and have time to enjoy the world a bit more (even the virtual ones). Furthermore, I have dyed my hair red. Here's me looking all Poison Ivy-esque:

I look forward to seeing you all in game, loyal readers. Thank you for your patience and I will do my best to keep this blog alive with fresh content and new videos!

~ Hannihr x