Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Dear Evernighters

It has been months since my last post. I had stopped playing Lord of the Rings Online to focus more on my work. I was struggling to do everything at once (from learning the saxophone, going to the gym, work, learn German and keep a social life) all at the same time.

I am now back, and have set aside a time to play LOTRO as often as possible. I realised earlier this morning how much I missed the game. I missed the Holly trees in Eregion, Enedwaith's sky at night, the call of the sea gulls by the bay of Belfalas. I missed the purple setting sun in Celondim and the innocence of the Shire.

But most of all I missed the players. I missed the childish banter of the Ettenmoors, the tifs on World chat, the audacious prices of the Auction House. I missed my friends who I'd neglected through not returning. The game is what it is because of its players. Evernight is the loveliest community of players I have ever known, and am grateful that my partner chose this server for us to play on because the name "sounds pretty". And it is. It's a lovely little server.

I have just had a chat with Raebidus (Lore Master of Evernight) and was hit with this news:

[19:06] Raebidus: You inspired me to write a blog about lotro :)

Which took my breath away. It's wonderful to see creativity breed creativity. (Pssht, here's his blog)

So in the nuttiest of nutshells, here's what I am doing now:

I have left my office job and am now self employed as a Graphic Designer. This means I am able to work when I like, and have time to enjoy the world a bit more (even the virtual ones). Furthermore, I have dyed my hair red. Here's me looking all Poison Ivy-esque:

I look forward to seeing you all in game, loyal readers. Thank you for your patience and I will do my best to keep this blog alive with fresh content and new videos!

~ Hannihr x


  1. Good to see you back!! And tnx for mentioning me :$

    1. You're welcome love! I'm very proud that you are writing as blog now! Keep at it, blog buddy! :)