Monday, 24 November 2014

The Evernight Alliance

I asked the Evernight Facebook Group if they would like to make an alliance across the kinships of this server. We had an overwhelming response with many kinships wanting to join as soon as the alliance was made. Having had in depth discussions with as many kins as I could talk to yesterday, we have established the first five kinships to be a part of The Evernight Alliance:

Riders of Helm's Deep
Sons of Gondor
Exiles of Eriador

The Leader of Riders of Helm's Deep, Surfman, has been so kind as to allow The Evernight Alliance to use his TeamSpeak channel. This is fantastic as now so many kinships can communicate within themselves and to their alliance kins! Thank you Surfman!

So what is it all about?
The Evernight Alliance is about bringing kinships together in a prosperous atmosphere. Only kinships of good repute (without trolling players) will be welcome into the Alliance. This means that there will be no trolls in the chat channel, no arguments, no drama. We're a progressive atmosphere for the mature player of any age.

Do we need any other requirements to join?
Yes. Your kinship must be at least 4 months old. This means that the leader/officers have done well to keep players in the kinship and feel part of a team.

What happens when we join & how will my kin get involved?
After a discussion with myself (Hannihr) to ensure your kinship meets the two requirements, you will be welcomed into the Evernight Alliance. You will be kindly asked to send out a kinship mail detailing how to access The Evernight Alliance chat channel and TeamSpeak information. This will allow us to talk to each other immediately (you will be given those details upon joining the alliance).
After that you are free to organise events and raids with other kinships as you see fit. Some kins will want to encourage raiding regularly, while others enjoy the social aspect (such as RolePlay or games). You and your kin are encouraged to ally yourselves as you see fit.

I now have another 30-35 kin leaders to talk to over the next week. If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to comment on this article or mail Hannihr in game! I am online every evening (7pm UK time) except Mondays and Wednesdays.

I look forward to talking with as many of you as possible about joining this alliance!

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