Friday, 14 November 2014

Kinship Spotlight: Stormborn

Unless you have been living in a Middle-Earth cave for the past 2 months (Beornings excluded here - get back in your cave!) you will have seen Stormborn advertising in colourful fades across the World chat and OOC channels.

Yes, they do like their colour fades.

As of today, the Falathlorn based kinship turned one thousand days old - an accomplishment for a sever as quaint as Evernight!

The Kinship is run by Hannihr and Aliramiel. Based in the UK, the kin is a primarily English speaking setting with the occasional player from all corners of the world.

Congratulations Stormborn!

Recently Stormborn have made an alliance with the Elite Archers of Elrond and Lemniscate. Two excellent kins!

If you would like a Kinship Spotlight for your kinship, send an in game mail to Hannihr, or comment below on this article!

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