Saturday, 22 November 2014

Down for Maintenance: How to Cope

In ways, a server down for maintenance is both a curse and a blessing. When we are out of the game, we can focus on healthy food, exercise, learning and being better to people we can focus on ways to improve our characters from outside of the game!

This article will help you progress on Lord of the Rings Online without logging into your character.

"Maybe if I pose like this in the Ettenmoors I will finally rank up a bit!"

It is so easy to get lost on your path in Middle Earth. You logged in to do daily quests, and instead ran about for 2 hours in the chicken session play. It happens to the best of us. Being offline without the option to play gives us time to focus on using our time effectively and attempt at getting some progress done!

Laphor didn't get to Rank 15 standing AFK in Wildermore! Wait a minute...

First of all, look at your character's goals. Has he been itching to get that Hytbold armour? Wanted to find that final mirror in Durin's Way? To tank in Draigoch? There are so many things to be done, so let's get planning!

"He's not moving guys, I think he's bugged..."

First of all you'll need to write out your goals. Eg:

I want to be World Renowned.
I want to finally get into Goblin Town and NOT get lost.
I want to get to level 100 on all of my alts,
I want to swear in World Chat
I want to walk into the Ettenmoors without being eaten.

The potential is endless. After you have written out your goals, write how long it will take, followed by a likely deadline next to them, eg:
I want to find that NPC in Bree called "Nob" and /kiss him, so I can make a funny character biography about it. (Will take 5 minutes, deadline: tomorrow).

Making your goals achievable will ensure you will get them done. Adding a deadline will make the goal seem more important. Now you have planned what you are going to do, it's time to research your goal. If this goal is to complete a raid, it will take some serious consideration. Check YouTube, Lotro-Wiki and the Forums to learn more about your task. Let's get planning!

"It's... some kind of Elvish...or maybe Klingon."

Now you are ready to achieve your goal. The servers will be back up soon, and you will be ready to get that goal crossed off your list! The trick here is to stay focused and make sure you carry out what you set out to do. Before you know it, it'll be completed. How wonderful!


  1. Or plan your stat setup. Virtues etc. Find out what may Work best for you

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