Tuesday, 25 August 2015

200 Subscribers! Thank you, all!

Arise! Arise! Subscribers of Hannihr! We have reached a new milestone of 200 subs!

I shall be posting a new video soon thanking you all for your ongoing support and suggestions on how to improve my channel. I never thought I would see more than 10 people subscribe, let alone the number we have today!

This is because being on YouTube came about by accident - I had started playing World of Warcraft with my house mate at University. I wanted to document my first instance of "Stonecore" - when I had reached L84. I thought "hey, why not upload this to YouTube to I can get some memory back on my PC?" and so, my channel was born.

This is my first ever YouTube video (I cannot apologise enough for the awful music, hey, it's a learning curve. Right?) :

Since that video, I have been focused almost entirely on LOTRO. I made videos on my old Inspiron laptop from Dell. A laptop designed for word processing... and that's about it. It, amazingly, took me through 4 years of low resolution LOTRO, WoW and SWTOR playing, followed by the odd video editing.

Here's my first ever LOTRO vid. Yes, it's short and very basic... but it was my first stepping stone to things to come!

I decided to use my "powers" for good, and made my first "How to... on LOTRO" video. This was a huge learning curve for me. I realised, after uploading, that the voice was too loud and the content rather dull. However, I was very pleased that I made it simple enough to understand and quick to the point.

After a few instance videos (GB runs, for example) and an introduction to each video, I decided on creating a beautiful, artistic piece that gave viewers more than the "this is how you do this" video genre. I was making art, and have been enjoying so ever since

I loved that video. It was, again, very simplistic but stretched my horizons for what I could do. It was low resolution, but showed much potential for what was to come. I started to branch out after this video, and thought about other topics. I went beyond and created a series on gaming addiction. The two videos looked in psychological theories as to how addiction begins, and how to get out of it.

After getting my gaming PC in December 2014, I made my first ever high resolution video with decent graphics and a bit of silliness.

I ended up buying a HD webcam, and made my first video that featured me AND gaming. This was a major milestone for me, and got great feedback. Thank you subs for encouraging me :)

With HD features, I made a video purely for its aesthetics. I wanted beautiful music, coupled with beautiful imagery.

I bought a Green Screen which allowed me to make my future videos smoother when combining myself and my gameplay, which also was welcomed fantastically. It still needs some improvement, but for now it will do :)

I then made a completely unedited, one-take video. It was just after it was announced which LOTRO servers would be closing. This video hit (at the last count) just under 2,000 views. My most popular video to date - it taught me that acknowledging current events. It felt raw, having no humour, editing or gameplay. It was just me and the camera.

My most recent videos have kept an eye on recent events on LOTRO. We have the Dwarrowdelf server closing video, which had fantastic reception, and the Evernight "welcoming new players" event. Both were a joy to record and edit, and I am so glad as many people turned up as they did.

To my subscribers, I thank you for each comment, message and "like" that has helped me progress. I do this for you all, and cannot show my gratitude enough. Keep your eyes peeled. Here's to the next 200!

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  1. Gratulations!!!!!! And keep on with what you are doing, I love it!