Monday, 3 August 2015

Server Reactions: How closing servers are taking the news.

Today it was announced which servers would be closed down and which would remain. Thankfully Evernight is safe from the cut, and we will continue to be a wonderful server with some fantastic players.

Let us also take a moment to think about the thousands of players on those 19 servers that are closing down.

For players of Elendilmir, Estel, Riddermark, Gilrain, Firefoot, Eldar, Nimrodel, Anduin, Windfola, Morthond, Imladris, Maiar, Darrowdelf, Vanyar, Silverlode, Withywindle, Vilya, Snowbourn and Meneldor, we /salute you.



Eldar are considering Evernight as their transfer server:




Withywindle are looking into coming to Evernight and Laurelin:

And are wanting a get together before the end.

Remember, Evernight is a wonderful server because it has wonderful people. Treat these new transfers with respect and kindness. I am sure they would have done the same to us if Evernight had closed.

The remaining 10 world will have thousands of new players joining them. This will be an exciting process and a wonderful time to start recruiting for kins, and welcoming these players to our server.

For now, take a deep breath and be thankful we're still altogether.


  1. Nice gesture of Evernight to the closing servers Hannihr! I dunno how I would have felt if Evernight has been one of them.

    Well... I do know actually, but there is no word for it!

    From me also a /salute to the inhabitants of the closing worlds.
    (Great kin name btw :))


  2. Another thing, have you ever been nominated for a Liebner Award?

    1. Sorry I just got this now Rae, what is a Liebner Award?

  3. Anyway, now you are ;)

    1. Oh goodness Rae! Thank you ever so much!! :D And I am so grateful this newspaper inspired you to write. That is such an honour. Thank you! I shall have the blog post made as soon as I can.