Saturday, 5 September 2015

Real Life News!

These past few weeks I have been snowed under in the real life server. With little time for LOTRO, I have been focusing on starting my new career in Car Insurance (I absolutely love it!), got a new puppy (called Bailie: a Spaniel Beagle Cross), and set up my website for my graphic and web design business! I am now working with a fellow LOTRO player in this business.

You can come see what we're doing here.

If you are interesting in having a website, or would like some graphic design work done, drop us an email at :) All Evernight server LOTRO players get a 50% discount, as you guys are my favourite online community. Woohoo!


  1. The picture links to a picture, not to your site ... :( GOODLUCK with what you are doing anyway!

    1. Ahh indeed you are correct - I shall amend asap! :)