Friday, 9 January 2015

Pew Pew QQ

This is an article about Player vs. Monster Player in the Ettenmoors of Lord of the Rings Online.

Nay, this is a request.

I request all seasoned, experienced, high ranking players to try playing on an unranked Warg, using a 6 year old-almost-burned-out laptop with an integrated mouse while using their mobile phone's data as their only means of connecting to the Internet and still find PVP within LOTRO to be enjoyable. So much so that they continue playing all year until they finally hit rank 6.

The struggle is a-paw-ling. So is this selfie.
I request this is because I often meet players who either see the lower ranked as noobs, or higher ranked as no lifers. The OOC chat is often woeful because of the petty arguments - we do not need to read this digital dysentery. We are Lord of the Rings Online players! Not some World of Warcraft 12 year olds who insult each others' mums!

Don't be this guy. Or his mother.
So, I beg of you fellow Evernight PVPers - find it within yourselves to respect the greenie you're about to completely annihilate. Don't QQ in OOC just because a warg pack is ganking your graveyard. Don't complain about overpowered classes *cough cough Warden cough cough* and just enjoy the game.

P.S: Within the next week my Alienware X51 will arrive at my door, ready to be embraced by a very happy Hannihr. Then I will play on a relatively decent gaming PC with HD 32" TV and highest internet speed possible. See you then noobs!