Sunday, 11 January 2015

*Pants* That. Was. Amazing.

Tonight has been amazing for Evernight's Ettenmoors. First Marshal Pouch, renowned Hobbit Burglar, led the Free Peoples against the Arlgurz lead Monster Players raid. With well over 40 players making an appearance on each side, our Ettens has been graced with some truly adrenaline-rushing-blood-boiling action.

The fight, lasting well over 8 hours, has possibly been the most thrilling action I have come across in my 4 years of playing in PVP. I have personally gained over 10k comms (now giving me a rather sexy pair of shoulders for my PVP armour set) and a new found love for my Guardian.

The metaphorical tug of war between both sides showed an unrelenting battle of tooth and claw against sword and shield. The healers kept their comrades' morale up, while Hunters scouted and Wargs pounced. It was a delightful Raid versus Raid as each side danced a song of fire and blood.

Maybe I am getting too poetic. But the fight was really good!

As Evernight sees its PVP blossom, I invite all players to come give it a go - it will be thoroughly worth your while.


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