Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Roam Of One's Own

Leader of Evernight's Facebook group and physical embodiment of all that is lovely: Ember Stone-Pierce posted on our little network, asking the following:

Which is your favourite Region of Middle Earth and why? I'm a big fan of Forochel, with it's snowy mountains and icy seas. Where do you think is the most scenic?

And it got me thinking. Considering Lord of the Rings Online is a visually enthralling game, there's aplenty of competition.

Mine would have to be, without a doubt, Ered Luin. It is beautiful both day and night, all year round.  Here are some of my favourite screenshots.

What about you?


  1. I agree that Forochel is great, been my favorite region for a while. But, and I think I am alone in thinking, I just LOVE Angmar. Love the sky, weird, powerful, dark, light. The rocks in the east are just awesome, I love to roam Imlad Balchorth. No, it's not a friendly place, it's far from beautiful, but... it's Angmar. Maybe because it was the highest level area when I started, but, thats my fav!

    If we talk about town, there is only one. Been that since I first came ther, has been since. I meet people there, use the vault there, craft there, sell vendoorcrap there, visit forge- and relicmaster there.. and that is.... the one and only... Bree!

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    2. I just adore the Elven areas. They have a certain celestial quality to them.
      Angmar killed me too many times for me to enjoy it, unfortunately!

  2. I don't enjoy it either. Just love it.... like I love bad art. I's far from good or enjoyable, but has a certain 'thing' :)