Friday, 26 July 2013

Which type of LOTRO player are you?

I have compiled a list of different player types that I have come across over the past few years. There will be many I have missed out, but these seem to be the more common types within our game.

The Arragoorn
Enjoys role-play, but cannot think up an original story line for their own character. They believe they are a born again (insert protagonist name here). This is possibly the player's first character, and may opt for a name change later on (I am guilty of this).

The Troll
This player takes their entertainment from annoying others. While they may not do this every day, they will still take delight in causing mischief to others when the moment arises. This player has likely "kin hopped" many times for obvious reasons.

The Lone Ranger
This player will be kinless, or very inactive in kin chat. Prefers to solo new content and will rarely acknowledge the "multi-player" within an MMORPG. Will only group up when necessary. As their character's level increases, as does the amount of "Hey! Would you like to join a kinship?" they'll receive daily.

The Beacon of Light
This player will bring humour to the game, and never takes it too seriously. They are loyal to their friends, are outgoing to the players they meet in their travels and can bring hope to even the most difficult of situations.

The AFK Player
What it says on the tin. They play infrequently (less than two days a week) and may not have a character at the level cap. Sometime they will be the founder of a well established kinship but rarely plays anymore.

The Elite
The elite players will be accustomed to tier 2 end game raids. Will have had excellent gear at every expansion. They will have an advanced knowledge of most (if not all) classes to an L50+ level. Draigoch would be jealous of the amount of golden gear they are wearing.

The Hoarder
Will roll on anything in a raid. Even if they do not need it themselves. This is likely due to having many characters and assuming one of them may need it one day. Their vaults are full of items they have collected over the years. May create alts as "banking characters". An example of disorganised hoarding:

The Hardcore PVPer
Has spent so many years in the Ettenmoors, the developers of LOTRO are considering naming one of the NPC Captain-Generals after them. In some cases, a hardcore PVPer will reminisce about the "good ol' days" of LOTRO, before the Moors changed and how it's "more PVE than PVP". Despite their discontentment with the changes, some may still play every day. The pros of being a hardcore PVPer is that you are likely to become somewhat "famous" among your peers on your server, and will gain considerable respect for your rank and dedication.

The "Thingo"
Finally, we have the "Thingo". I have named this type of player after a much loved character in Evernight's Ettenmoors. The "Thingo" will be a veteran of the game, with an appreciation for the lore. Has excelled in their class and engages in role-play on occasion. This player will be light-hearted, social and rarely causes disputes. Gold, gear, levels and rank are not too important to them as long as they are having fun and can enjoy the game.

Can you think of any more types? Comment on this post for suggestions!

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