Saturday, 27 July 2013

An Elven Wedding

Yes, this actually happened. My girlfriend I started playing 2 and a half years ago. Me, on my Guardian Hannihr, and her on Aliramiel, her Hunter.

We traveled over Middle-Earth together. Well, she would run off to a quest and I would try to keep up. We ran from Celondim to West Bree. There and back again. I like her serenade her sometimes.

"And IIIIIIII wiiiill alwaaaaaays loooove youuuuuuu!"

Here we are in Angmar, enjoying the romantic... brown... water...

Eventually we decided to have an Elven engagement. Yes, we actually had a friend of ours as a priest... there was a guest list and everything. So began the hen night.

The following day we had the wedding.

...and had the reception at the Green Dragon.

And so, Evernight had its first same-sex marriage. We received a few petitions against it:
"Eru made Arwen and Strider not Arwen and Ida."

But oh well. We had fun. We reached a level of nerdom we didn't know was possible.

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