Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Two little kegs... too many Dwarfs!

Trewesdei, the 6th day of Wedmath (Tues 6th Aug)

It was an unwise decision to place two kegs in the kin house. Even more so to inform my fellow dwarfish kinsmen. I had, of course, neglected the warning of my fellow officers - Ulgur the minstrel dwarf of the Blue Mountains - had recently discovered the delights of ale and had developed a love of its taste.

If only I had taken heed of their words.

I was sitting peacefully in the office atop the stairs of our kin house when the tapping began. Little taps at first, like a woodpecker at its tree. I thought nothing of this, and continued my studying of Elvish battles of times long past. I had finished my research on the battle of the Last Alliance, ready to take my rest... when the window by the kinship door smashed in. Immediately I took my shield and sword to arms. Years of fights won have prepared me for this moment. A protector of the weak, I was the Guardian to the kin, and the Enemy had attacked our home.

"FOR STORMBORN!" I yelled, charging into the hallway, sword raised and ready to strike. It was here that I realised the kin drunk, Ulgur, had been on a "boozer" and lost his keys to the house, using his axe instead. Of course, his quest was to continue using our Sinister Keg.

I lowered my sword, and sighed deeply. "Dwarfs..."

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