Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Experienced LOTRO Players Needed!

Good day my fellow LOTRO players! I hope the day for you is just as sunny as it is for me here in the south of England.

I am writing this article in hopes of finding some experienced LOTRO players who would like to be interviewed for The Evernight Report. I would like to delve into the minds of our best players to discover what enthrals them, why they continue to play for so many years and which is their favourite part of the game.

Is it the pirate outfits? It is, isn't it?
All applications welcome, though there are limited spaces available. Apply in the comments or message the page.


  1. Having been one of the lucky 5000 "Founders" pre-order lifetime VIPs, it was one of the best investments I ever made. I started MMO's with 7 years on Ultima Online and was looking for a game with longevity and class. And found it in LOTRO. Still playing after 9 years on Eldar and now Evernight. I love the game, the friendly community and the efforts of the devs who keep expanding and upgrading to this day. OK, it's not perfect, but it gets me down listening to people moaning when they could be celebrating the huge amount of good in the game. Happy to be interviewed, but no worries if not...it's a beautiful game I will be playing till it closes down. ��

  2. Ive been with Lotro since 2011 and ive loved it. I played for 4 years strait now with 2 lvl 100 chars and 2 around level 50. My other 7 chars is between level 20 and 30. My first server was Withywindle witch i miss immensly, it was the best community around. Now i play on Evernight and im really enjoying it. I got a Lifetime VIP as well but i dont know how, payed for a year ago for half a year and i still got VIP despite not paying. Im very thankfull for that. I know nearly all regions by heart and lotro is so far the game ive enjoyed playing and i will keep playing it untill it shuts down and i hope it never does.

  3. I've been with lotro since 2010 and an officer since 2011. I have a max level hunter who I always turn to, and a lvl 50 LM and lvl 30 Mini (both frozen at those levels on purpose). I wouldn't say I'm the best or most experienced as I've only completed a handful of T2C instances, and I don't (yet) have the latest armour (I'm still running round in Dol Amroth gear from last years farming days. Happy to be interviewed though.

  4. Well Hannah, you know me, I'd be honored. But, as you also know, I play the game completely different from how it's 'supposed to'. So in years (since fall 2007) I am experienced. But I still know diddly squat about stats and armour and all kinds of stuff most people find very important.

    Still, you know where to find me :)

  5. Hey, wow, I managed to overlook this LOTRO blog for a long time. I'll be putting it on my blogroll. :)

    If you still need more to interview, feel free to approach me. My history with LOTRO is well-documented on my own blog: http://ravalation.blogspot.com/search/label/LOTRO