Sunday, 10 January 2016

[Round Two] The Evernight Facebook Group's Big LOTRO Quiz 2016!

A few nights had passed since the first round of Evernight's Big LOTRO Quiz 2016. Hobbits had since eaten eight times their bodyweight, Dwarves had hollowed a fair few barrels of ale, Men and Women had made many a trip to the hunting lodge to have their meats smoked and salted. Of course, time did not affect Elves, and so nothing had changed for them and they continued glamorously sulking about. The Beornings, however, had used every Tailor in the land to mend their torn clothing after each transition from man to bear.

There was a quiet calm in the air. A quiet calm, that is, until Hannihr approached the Bree Town Stage.

"My dear People!" Hannihr announced, as she reached centre stage. "Thank you for your patience! It has been too long since Round One. To show my thanks, I have increased the winnings. An extra 100 gold coins are now in the pot! Good things come to those who wait. But remember, not all that glitters is gold!"

"The winnings for the Big LOTRO Quiz 2016 are as follows: 200 gold coins, level and class appropriate armour, a commemorative cloak, an almost infinite amount of ales, wines and beers, as well as an interview with yourself featured in Evernight's occasionally daily newspaper, The Evernight Report!" Hannihr took a hefty swig of her drink before continuing.

"Round two is dedicatedly solely to LITERATURE BY TOLKIEN AND TOLKIEN SCHOLARS*. This round will be particularly difficult, so do your best!"

*Tolkien Scholars refer to writers who are knowledgeable in Tolkien literature (published essays, critical literature, translations and commentary).

"Let Round Two begin! Good luck!"

Round Two

Question One
In the Tales of the Perilous Realm Tolkien's poem "The Mewlips" is featured in the Chapter "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil". What are Mewlips? (1 point) And where to they live? (1 point). Hint: if you do not have the Tales of the Perilous Realm to hand, watch my reading the poem instead!

Question Two
Mark Walker published Hobbitus Ille in 2012: a translation of J R R Tolkien's The Hobbit into Latin. What does "immo foramen-hobbitum, ergo commodum" mean in English?

Question Three
In The Silmarillion Tolkien writes of heroic adventures in the First Age. Explain how the Earth became spherical, when it was once flat.

Question Four
In Unfinished Tales Tolkien talks of Hador Goldenhead. Of which faction did Hador Goldenhead belong?

Question Five
In The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King who says "We will burn like heathen kings before ever a ship sailed hither from the West." (1 point)? And what do the messengers do in reply (1 point)?

Question Six
In The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers name the chapter that begins with "The sun was sinking behind the long western arm of the mountains when Gandalf and his companions, and the king with his Riders, set out again from Isengard."?

Question Seven
Name Aragorn II's son.

Question Eight
What are the names of the two wizards whose names are not mentioned in The Lord of the Rings?

Question Nine
Who was the First Dark Lord?

Question Ten
When Ancalagon the Black died, what happened to the ground beneath him?


  1. 1 - Mewlips are an imaginary race of evil creatures.
    2 - Immo foramen-hobbitum, ergo commodum, means, "It was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort."
    3 -
    4 - Hador Goldenhead belonged to the "Edain."
    5 - Denethor said, "We will burn like heathen kings before ever a ship sailed hither from the West." In response, the Messengers did not answer they, "turn and fled."
    6 - The Two Towers chapter that begins with, "The sun was sinking behind the long western ...... is, "The Palantir.
    7 - Eldarion, the son of Aragorn and Arwen.
    8 - Their names in Valinor were Alatar and Pallando. They are also known as, "Morinehtar and Rómestámo.'
    9 - The first and greater Dark Lord was the Vala (at first) known as Melkor and then as Morgoth.
    10 - Ancalagon fell upon the towers of Thangorodrim, and they were broken in his ruin.

  2. 1. Mewlips are a mythical race of evil creatures. They lived in a dark valley far over the Merlock Mountains beyond the marsh of Tode.

    2. It means-'It was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.'

    3. Sauron courrupted most of Numenor & Ar-Pharazon and convinced them to sail to Aman to wrest immortality from the Valar. As he set sail and landed on Aman, the Valar appealed to Eru Illuvatar who changed Arda. He drowned Numenor and buried the army under falling hills. Aman and Tol Eressea were removed from the world, new seas and lands were made and Arda was made spherical.

    4. Hador was the chieftain of the Edain and Lord of Dor-Lomin.

    5. Denethor said that. The Messengers in turn, turned back and fled without any answer or bow.

    6. The chapter is titled-'The Palantir'

    7. Eldarion was his son.

    8. They were named Alatar and Pallando and were also known as Morinehtar and Romestamo.

    9. The first Dark Lord was the Vala Melkor, later known as Morgoth.

    10. When Ancalagon was killed, he fell and broke the towers of Thangorodrim beneath him.