Sunday, 5 July 2015

Which LOTRO class are you?

This little quiz will tell you which class you're most likely to excel at playing in Lord of the Rings Online. Choose one answer (a/b/c) in each question. Write your answers down on paper. Eg: 1) a 2) b 3) c...

1) You are walking down the old East Road from Bree to the Lone Lands. The sky is blue, and there is a mid-summer humidity in the air, making walking tiresome. You pause to drink from your sheep skin, when you hear a loud crash from over the hillside followed by ear-popping screams. You decide to investigate. How do you get there?

a) You run over the hill to the crash site, ready to help. Someone might have been attacked.
b) You cautiously creep up over the hill. Weapons ready, just in case.
c) With reckless abandon you storm over the hill. Weapons above your head, ready to attack.

2) Upon arriving to the other side of the hill you see an upturned wagon, with a Dwarf merchant stuck underneath one of the wheels. He is in tremendous pain. His wagon pony is on its side. What do you do?

a) You don't know who this Dwarf is. Is he a dangerous Dourhand? You approach silently with caution.
b) You keep your distance and aim your weapon. You look around to see what caused the wagon to tip. You sense... a trap.
c) You keep your weapons ready, but approach the Dwarf to offer assistance. He is clearly in pain, so you try to pull the wagon off him.

3) Between screams the Dwarf sees you with his keen eyes, and shouts at you for help "By Durin's beard! Can ye get this wagon off me?!".

a) You use your weapon to cut off the wheel and pull the Dwarf up. You quickly tend to his bleeding leg.
b) You help the pony up and use him to drag the wagon off the Dwarf. You wrap up his leg.
c) You try to calm the Dwarf. You try your hardest to push the wheel off him. You then help his wound.

4) The Dwarf thanks you for your help. Upon closer inspection you notice the Dourhand Crest on his lapel. The Dourhand sees your expression and reaches for something in his satchel.

a) You prepare for the unknown, and reach for your weapons.
b) You disregard his allegiance and ask him what caused the wagon to tip.
c) You jump back quickly and defend yourself, readying for the attack.

5) The Dwarf chuckles "Do not worry, friend. I am in no state to attack. My wagon was tipped because my pony took fright. She must have seen something to scare her. Thank you for helping me. How can I repay you?"

a) You harbour great hatred Dourhands and decide to leave the Dwarf over the hillside. You have no time for him and leave before you decide to do something unsavoury.
b) You take advantage of the Dwarf's offer and take all of his gold, gems and fine wines before leaving. To say he was shocked was an understatement.

c) You ask him for his pony. He offers gold, but cannot depart with his beloved Penelope. You take a few gold coins and take your leave. After twenty paces you turn around and fire an arrow to the Dwarf as a warning.

6) You return to the East Road, curious as to why the pony became startled. You continue walking for half an hour. It is rumoured by the villagers of Staddle that there is an infamous ale brewed in the Foresaken Inn. You are feeling adventurous today and decide to walk towards this Inn when you reach a fork in the road with a sign facing north.

Upon following the side path north a few paces, you notice a small mouse following you. On his back is tied a small, rolled up parchment attached by thin string. You find this highly peculiar. You pick up the mouse and untie the parchment from his back. The parchment simply has the words written "Feed me".

a) You look at the little mouse in your hand and notice he seems a bit skinny. You feed him a morsel of cheese and give him a little to drink.
b) You crumble up the paper and leave the mouse alone.
c) You had already fed the mouse before untying the parchment. You chuckled when you read the parchment and give the mouse a little stroke. You sit him on your shoulder, happy to have some company.

7) You continue down the road until you come to the door of the Foresaken Inn. Unsurprisingly, the door is on its hinges and a few windows are smashed. There is a drunkard poking his head out of the gaping hole in the roof, and waves at you before someone pulls him back in.

You enter the Inn to be met with a stench of unwashed feet, sombre music and suspicious looking men. (If you picked up the mouse from the last question, he jumps off your shoulder and leaves the Inn).
What do you decide to do?

a) You go over to the lute player and pay him a few pence. You ask to play a song and immediately lighten the mood. It's a song as old as the hills. Merry and nostalgic.

b) You hang up your coat and stand up tall. Your arms are bare, showing your well muscled physique. The men know not to mess with you. You buy yourself a pint.

c) You go over to the men and offer to buy a round of beers.

8) You have brought quite a lot of attention to yourself. Whether this was for good or bad, you did not know. A hooded figure who had been sitting in the corner of the tavern approaches you. He is two feet taller than you and is having to crouch to not touch the ceiling (at least, parts of it still there). He clears his throat before saying "Hello. You seem to be lost. Let me help you on your way". The giant of a man puts his hand out to reach you.

a) You evade him and hold your weapons up, ready to attack everyone in the Inn. You shout your warning and steady yourself.
b) You attack him. With your sword you swing at him, causing his chest to bleed a little.
c) Before the man can get any closer you disappear from sight, using the shadows and your skills to get out of eyesight.

9) The huge man chuckled at you. Before you realise what is happening, the man has turned into an even larger brown bear. He has the same dark colourings as the man who stood there moments ago. The bear growls loudly, causing the cups on the tables to shake and spill. The bear goes to swipe at you. You take action.

a) You throw a large rope net over the bear and jump over him as he falls heavily to the stone floor. You see your chance and take your exit.
b) You prepare yourself for the attack and remember use your inner strength. You hold your sword up to the enormous bear and strike true. The bear growls in pain. You walk steadily backwards, towards the door.
c) Before the bear can get any closer you conjure a lightening bolt from the skies, that hits down hard on the bear through the open roof. The bear recoils having been stunned. You see the opportunity to go.

10) Upon leaving the Foresaken Inn, now dripping with sweat, you feel the ale from the tavern is taking its affect. The harsh taste lingers in your mouth. You swiftly continue south away from the Inn, hoping none of the tavern-goers follow you out. Your vision is blurred and it is harder to see.

You approach the East Road to see the Dwarf from earlier today has fixed his wheel and is now riding the wagon. On closer inspection you see the little mouse from before is sitting on the dwarf's shoulder. What happens?

a) The alcohol has befuddled your mind and feel the need to speak to the mouse. You squeak to the mouse to try and tell it to run away from the evil Dourhand!
b) Still with the lute in your hand from the Inn, you throw it at the Dwarf while shouting calling him a Littlebeard.
c) You unleash your inner-bear and start growling at the Dwarf. You suddenly turn into a bear, yourself, a hidden power of which you were unaware.

The Foresaken ale that you had drunk from the Inn had caused you to do very strange things indeed. The ale had played with your mind, and instead you were sitting on a fence by the East Road. The Dwarf was not there at all. Instead, the small mouse from earlier arrived with a crumbled up piece of paper. The mouse unfolded it, and placed it by your feet. Anyone who passed by now would see a crinkled piece of paper by a drunkard that read "Feed me".

To find out which class you are, comment below with your answers and I will give you your results!

1) a
2) c
3) b



  1. 1.b

  2. 1) a, 2) c, 3) a, 4) b, 5) c, 6) a, 7) a, 8) c, 9) a, 10) a

  3. Haha love it!


  4. That was funny Hannihr!! You already know my class, but still I'm curious :)
    1. A
    2. C
    3. B
    4. B
    5. None! I would have said 'Just a Thank You'. But if I HAVE to choose, it's C
    6. A
    7. C
    8. C
    9. C
    10. A

  5. 1. b
    2. a
    3. c
    4. a
    5. a
    6. a
    7. a
    8. a
    9. b
    10. a

  6. 1. a
    2. c
    3. b
    4. a
    5. a
    6. a
    7. b
    8. a
    9. b
    10. a

  7. Hey,
    It's probably late and I don't know if you still watch this :P, but I found this while searching on google, so here's my results.

    1) A
    2) C
    3) B
    4) A
    5) A
    6) A
    7) A
    8) B
    9) C
    10) B

  8. 1.B, 2.C, 3.A, 4.B, 5.C, 6.C, 7.C, 8.B, 9.B, 10.A